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  • Your Option to Renew

    When you moved to your current office space, you likely invested considerable time and money to optimize design, complete renovations, purchase furniture, and set up an IT network to suit your business requirements.  In an effort to protect your interest in the space, you likely also negotiated an option to […]

  • Navigating a Lease Renewal

    If you are approaching the end of your lease, the path of least resistance is to accept the Landlord’s proposed rent and lease terms, to forgo any inducements, and to simply renew. Before you take this route, you should consider what your Landlord stands to lose if you don’t renew […]

  • Is that a Capital Cost of an Operating Expense?

    In a previous post, I wrote about passthrough costs that exist in ‘Net leases’ (most leases in Ottawa). In brief, these are expenses related to the operation of your building passed through to you by your landlord. Operating expenses typically include utilities, maintenance and repair, janitorial services, snow removal / […]



When leasing commercial real estate, an understanding of the entire leasing process, the terminology used, and the standard local practices is essential prior to initiating a search or engaging in negotiations. A thorough market survey to identify competitive options is important to secure the best possible rent and lease terms. I pride myself on providing clients with transparent, defensible, “best value” leasing solutions, regardless of their requirements.



Buying commercial real estate is a complex undertaking requiring due diligence throughout every stage of the process. Real time knowledge of the Ottawa market is essential. Steps include locating a building with a complementary layout and characteristics, identifying environmental concerns, arranging financing, accounting for required capital improvement costs, considering the potential loss of liquidity, and understanding the tenuous cash flow experienced by Landlords. Experience gained through my day-to-day interactions with buyers and sellers allows me to help clients navigate this complex process, align interests, and complete successful transactions.


“If it wasn’t for Jeff, I can say with confidence we would have ended up making a bad deal on the wrong office space. He has not only done good work, but also put a lot of effort into educating me on the process. 

 As a fast growing startup, […]

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- Jim Cain, President, Napkyn